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ASU Engineering | Muhich Research Group

Alicia Bayon Sandovol, PHD

Was: Assistant Research Scientist

Currently: Researcher, Spanish National Research Council

Bio: My research career started in 2009, focus on research projects in solar fuels and thermochemical energy storage. My main interests are focused on materials discovery and process optimization for energy storage with special attention to improved performance and cost competitiveness. During my PhD I gained experimental skills on materials synthesis and characterization applied to solar driven hydrogen production via thermochemical cycles and thermochemical energy storage. After finishing my PhD in Spain, I moved to CSIRO Energy in Australia. At CSIRO, apart from my work in materials, I was in charge of preparing techno-economic assessments and modelling of solar thermal processes. I was also writing proposals for research grants. I was the leading researcher in thermochemistry of materials research at CSIRO. I co-supervised 4 PhD projects in thermochemistry together with The University of Newcastle and The Australian National University. I also supervised 1 undergraduate thesis, 1 master thesis, 2 vacation students and 2 industrial trainees. In 2020 I joined the Muhich Group at Arizona State University as Assistant Research Scientist to continue working on thermochemical energy storage and thermochemical production of fuels.